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San Juan is officially part of the United States, but its eclectic mix of the indigenous Taino culture, Italian and Spanish atmosphere, and African influences, make it a unique, interesting, and thoroughly enjoyable vacation destination that seems more like another country than part of the United States. One of San Juan's features, that makes it such a special place, is its famous white sand beaches. Unlike many other Caribbean beaches that display black sand, which can get too hot to walk on in the sun, San Juan boasts pure white sand that stays cool and soft even in the sun.  

Busy Beaches

One of the most popular beach areas is Isla Verde Beach. Part of this beach is located in front of a strip of luxury resorts like the Ritz Carlton. Restaurants line the beach as well, which is convenient for a break after a long, hot day in the sun. The sand is the softest in San Juan, and there are trees for shade, parking areas, and shower facilities. The only problem is that Isla Verde can become quite crowded with tourists.

Condado Beach is a touristy beach surrounded by towering hotels, and it has been a popular beach for 80 years. There are kiosks where you can rent equipment and do activities like parasailing and waterskiing. There is also a stone pier that goes out into the ocean, and at the part of the beach opposite from the hotels, there is a reef where you can observe all sorts of sea life. Snorkeling is great in that area.

Beaches for relaxation

For a more local and secluded beach experience check out Bahia Beach or Luquillo Beach. Luquillo Beach is a long strip of sand where locals hang out. It provides equipment rentals and food stands selling typical Puerto Rican beach foods. At both of these beaches, the atmosphere is more relaxed, and there are fewer tourists.

Another unique beach is Flamenco Beach, which used to be a training area for the U.S. Army. Now, it is a long stretch of soft, white sand with crystal turquoise waters which are usually very calm. Nearby, there are restrooms, picnic tables, inns, and a campground.

Ocean Park Beach is relaxing as well. It set in a residential area, and because the water is not as calm as the other beaches, windsurfing and volleyball are the activities of choice. It is a sunbather's paradise as well.

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