Bars and Cafes in San juan

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San Juan Bars and Cafes are a heaven-sent opportunity for people who are fond of their food and drink. You will find them dotted all over the 77 square miles area that San Juan occupies. The 2 million plus residents of San Juan are frequent visitors to the bars and cafes where they like to enjoy their evening drink. A majority of the working-class population can also be found at these bars and cafes over the weekends. They go there to unwind and enjoy a good meal. Tourists also make good use of them after visiting numerous attractions like the villas of Ocean Park and the Santurce area that has many art galleries.  

Traditional Food

You will find cafes offering traditional Puerto Rican food. There are steakhouses that have the same ambience as those found in USA. A lot of fusion restaurants are serve enjoyable food that has been cooked with a medley of Asian and Latin spices. Yucca, pumpkin and squash are some of the indigenous vegetables that find their way into these dishes. As San Juan is a major sea port, seafood is readily available. Shrimp, baby squid, calamari, shellfish, halibut, lobster and crab cakes dishes are very popular in the seafood restaurants.


Some of these bars and cafes have great views. They face the Atlantic Ocean and you can watch the surf taking on various hues during the day. Some bars or cafes have terraces where you can sip on drinks of vodka, gin and rum. Rum is available in many varieties and coconut rum is quite popular. You can also enjoy locally home-grown Puerto Rican coffee which is considered one of the premium coffees in the world.

Top Rates Restaurants

The top-rated restaurants in San Juan are DragonFly, Al Dente, Pikayo, Ajili Mojili, Marisqueria Miro, Lupis, La Mallorquina, La Fonda del Jibarito and Trois Cent Onze.

Some of the popular cafes and pubs are Hooligans, Shannons Pub and 80s cafĂ©.  Many of the better restaurants have their own bar areas and night clubs.


The prices at these bars and cafes differ depending on the services they offer. Some are high-end restaurants that offer services like valet parking and reservations. A meal at these restaurants can range from $10 to $30 per person. Prices may be higher if you go to one of the exclusive restaurants in the posh San Juan area.

Visit San Juan and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere!

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