7 Day Itinerary in San juan

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A San Juan Itinerary is a must when traveling through the capital city of Puerto Rico; otherwise you might not get time to cover all the splendid attractions the city has to offer.

Day 1: Plazas

On the first day of your tour, you must view the stunning plazas of San Juan, namely Plaza de San Jose, Plaza del Quinto and Plaza de Armas. San Jose Plaza looks beautiful with the bronze statue of Ponce de Leon standing at its center. Plaza del Quinto is comparatively a new plaza, inaugurated in 1992. Plaza de Armas situated on San Jose street has 4 beautiful 100year-old statues making the plaza look even more magnificent.

Day 2: Old San Juan

Paseo La Princesa is one of the most impressive sites of old San Juan. Built in the 19th century, the stunning pathway lined with trees and decorative street lamps has benches and shady pavement that makes the stroll along this path so enjoyable. You may also spend few hours in exploring the forts of El Morro and San Cristobal. 

Day 3: Museums

San Juan has several museums which are worth spend a day visiting. Museo de las Americas and San Juan Museum of Art and History are 2 of the famous museums you must visit. Museo de las Americas showcases archaeological artifacts, paintings and sculptures typically depicting the American cultural heritage. San Juan Museum of Art and History features the history of colonial influence and slavery of the aboriginal inhabitants on the island.

Day 4: Beaches

When in San Juan, you must pay a visit to the fascinating sandy beaches here. Beaches like Condado Beach and the Isla Verde Beach are 2 popular beaches replete with all kinds of facilities like snorkeling, waterskiing, parasailing, and diving. Besides, these beaches are lined with a series of restaurants offering mouthwatering meals.

Day 5: Ancient Historical Structures

You must check out the breathtaking historic structures like La Fortaleza, the Alcadia, the Cathedral de San Juan and the Casino of Puerto Rico today. All of these ancient buildings will simply make you spellbound.

Day 6: Nightlife

Atlantic Beach Club and El Batey are 2 happening nightclubs in San Juan. Overlooking Condado Beach, the Atlantic Beach club is a popular hub of gay couples. Full of vibrancy, the club is an ideal place for open-minded travelers. A typical Spanish club with its laidback lifestyle is what El Batey is all about. Just groove to the non-stop hits of ‘60s and ‘70s playing in the background and down the beers and wine to set your mood afire.

Day 7: Shopping

It is a good idea to spend the last day of your trip in shopping as San Juan has plenty of craft stores and shopping malls to captivate your heart. A host of local designers have their boutiques spread across the city, offering designer clothes at a reasonable price. Besides, the mall Plaza Las Americas has everything that you could wish for.



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