Guanica Travel Guide

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Guanica (pop. 20 000) site of the first U.S. troop landing in the Spanish-American War is now noted for the Guanica Forest Reserve. On UNESCO’s list of Biosphere Reserves the dry forest has 48 rare tree species and is an excellent place for bird watching.The beaches in this area are beatiful and clean. One of it's best beaches is "Caña Gorda". This beach is very safe for your family and children. This beach is located on the south side of Puerto Rico in a town known as "Guanica", close to Lajas. If you are the type of person who likes to surf or plainly enjoy watching the big waves. Then right down the road from Caña Gorda is another beach called "Ballena", which means whale. This beach is very tidy and wavy.So if you decide to go to this beach be shure that if you have children, to always keep a very close eye on them. Close by from "Ballena" there is a boat rental if you want to go out and explore the wonders of this lucious island.
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