Top 5 Must Do's in Jamaica

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With pristine beaches and beautiful weather, many people spend their entire trip to Jamaica at the beach. However, there are numerous day trips and excursions that can keep you busy and should be checked out to really experience the true spirit of Jamaica. Here are the top 5 must-do’s when you are visiting Jamaica:

1 – Caving

With over 1,000 caves throughout Jamaica, it is an amazing look into what’s lurking beneath the island. Explore stalagmites, light holes, interesting rock formations and even a subterranean lake to really see nature at its finest. Try the Green Grotto Caves on the North Coast for a beginners’ trip into the underworld and have a bit of a science refresher one afternoon.

2 – Rum Production Tour

See how one of the quintessential exports of the country is produced. Tour the 11,000 acres of the Appleton Sugar Plantation and the Appleton Rum Factory. See how rum is aged anywhere from 3 to 30 years and have a first-hand taste of the different products, along with a small bottle of rum to take with you.

3 – Horseback Riding

Explore the beaches in grand style on horseback. Ride along the shoreline bareback and ride right into the ocean. This is a great way to beat the heat and cool off on an especially hot day and a way to see more than just the beaches close to your lodging. Remember to wear your bathing suit, as you will get plenty wet.

4 – Snorkeling

No trip to Jamaica is complete without a snorkeling trip to see what’s hiding within Jamaica’s crystal clear waters. The calm waters on the Northern coast offer diverse sea life, coral reefs, sponges and caves for you to view. The coral reef walls are easy to explore and starting around 60 feet to as deep as 150 feet the reef walls are a spectacular sight for explorers of any age.

5 – YS Falls

This popular waterfall on the Southern Coast is located in a papaya plantation and reachable by tractor. You can dive in via rope swing, relax in the pool at the bottom of the three-tiered falls, spend the afternoon tubing down the river, have your picture taken behind the falls or if you don’t mind the heights, take a canopy tour. The beautiful surroundings make it a great destination for a day trip and nice to just walk around and enjoy the natural setting.

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