Things to do in Negril

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If you are staying in Negril, Jamaica you have chosen the bohemian side of this lush and beautiful island. Negril is down the road about an hour from the airport and the big name all inclusive resorts. It is a place that allows you to experience the Rasta culture of this alluring island. 


Snorkeling is a wonderful activity in Negril. If you are staying by the ocean you will be able to snorkel directly outside your hotel. This side of the island has cliffs instead of a beach. The cliffs are short 5-15 feet depending on the tide. Bring snorkeling gear with you and an inflatable tube or raft.

Flower Tour

If you are interested in the flower farms of Jamaica, you can go out into the countryside on a tour to see them. Usually there is a small hike from where you will park the car to the farm, so bring your walking shoes. There are many micro farmers in Jamaica. If you have a Jamaican friend, they can arrange to escort you on a fun filled guided tour. Bring your camera and take some wacky photos.

The Black River

How would you like to see come crocodiles? Take a boat ride on the Black River, Jamaica’s largest wetlands. You can experience the tropical flora and fauna of Jamaica while riding in a boat on a river. The air is fresh and the breeze is cool. Your wallet won’t take too much of a punch on this reasonably priced adventure.

Canopy Adventure

On a canopy adventure you can swing and zipline through the Jamaican forest more than 40ft in the air. These lines connect a series of platforms and deck that have been placed at the tops of trees, in the canopy. You can take transportation from you hotel and you do not have to wake up early. The canopy adventure is easily done in the afternoon.

ATV Off-roading

Even if you have never ridden an ATV before, you can still enjoy this fun adventure.  Ride an ATV through the Blue Hole Estate and then explore the attractive Cascade community. As you cruise past farming villages and the countryside of Negril there are plenty of oppoutunities for interesting pictures. You can stop for lunch and refreshing Red Stripes along the way.

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