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The northern coastal town of Falmouth is part of the Jamaican parish of Trelawny. The area was named after the town's 18th century Governor, Sir William Trelawny, but was originally founded by British poet Elizabeth Barrett-Browning's great-grandfather. The town of Falmouth is well known for being one of the best preserved in all of the Caribbean with its original Georgian and Jamaican architecture. Once a port town and exporter of sugar to locations all over the world, Falmouth eventually became an enslaved city and took a major decline in commercial business. Now that you have some history of the area, here is a Falmouth Travel Guide that will also provide you with current things to do, best time to travel and more.

Falmouth Climate

Falmouth Jamaica has wonderful weather year round with a daily average of 80 degrees F. This is what makes the island of Jamaica a year round tourist attraction. Even the winter season is warm with comfortable breezes and there is very little rain throughout the year. September is probably the worst time to travel to the island as this is when hurricanes are most likely to rear their ugly heads, if there will be one. The cheapest time of year to visit Falmouth is from mid-April to mid-December where you'll see travel and accommodation rates decrease by up to 60 percent.

Attractions In and Near Falmouth

  • The Good Hill Plantation is a sugar and coconut plantation built in 1775 and one of the most well preserved areas on the island of Jamaica. It's both a tourist attraction as well as a learning experience for all who visit here. You'll be able to view the original 18th century main quarters and slave quarters, antiques and beautiful landscaped common areas of the property.
  • Luminous Lagoon, an illuminated phosphorus lagoon, is absolutely enchanting. You can travel to this area by day, but the most beautiful time is at night where you'll really see the waters light up. Sit and enjoy the sight from the boat or take a dip in the shallow waters to enjoy this natural wonder.
  • Martha Brae Rafter’s Village is where you can take a 90-minute rafting tour, 3 miles in length and wind around many breathtaking bends of river waters on rafts 30 feet long as you are surrounded by scenic naturescapes and exotic mountains. The river was once called the Matibereon, but it was changed to the Martha Brae due to people not being able to pronounce "Matibereon" correctly. It is a trip for anyone of any age and is a must see experience while visiting Falmouth.

Pronounced "Fal-mutt" - the "h" is silent.


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