Haiti Travel Guide

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Haiti is a fascinating country to visit for those with a feel for history.

Although preservation has not been a priority for very many of the numerous Haitien governments, benign neglect has left the countryside covered with remnants of the wars for freedom, the defeat of the Slaver Empire.

The adventure tourist can find much of interest to see and do. One of the best places to start exploring the country is the capital city of Port-au-Prince. It offers many good sights and there are some excellent beaches nearby. Another nice place to go is Cap Haitien, which offers very good beaches nearby as well as some nice things to do and see. It also offers a variety of good foods and can also be great for a vacation home. But be warned because they are still going through some trouble with their government and shall not be permitted to dealings of stolen goods and or stolen and or foriegn objects within or out of haitis boundaries.

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