Senior Travel in Grenada

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The Spice Island is the nickname of Grenada because it produces nutmeg, cocoa, ginger, and cloves. Grenada is the quintessential Caribbean tropical isle that is great for senior travelers. Not only does Grenada have a low crime rate, but also one of the most rational approaches to sustainable, eco-friendly development: no new structure can be higher than the palm trees. Some cruise lines spend only half a day in Grenada and that is a shame because this tiny isle (133 square miles) offers a lot diverse activities and is very friendly to senior travelers.

Things to Consider

Grenada's climate is tropical and it has only two seasons. During the rainy season, it is hot and humid. During the dry season, it is cooled by the trade winds. Please have nearby a hat, sunblock and plenty of water at all times. When the temperatures are in the 90 degrees F area, the humidity can make it feel that is actually hotter. If you're planning to climb Mount St. Catherine, please take not that it is 2,756 feet (840 meters) above sea level. This might not sound like much but remember that you're starting from sea level, so the sudden change in height may cause dizziness. Grenada was hit Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and Hurricane Emily in 2005, causing a lot of damage to the island. Some locals might find this topic a touchy issue, so try not to bring it up during conversations, unless they bring it up first.

Cruise Ships and Car Rentals

If you're looking for cruise ship lines that have Grenada as a destination, you're in luck. There's plenty of them: Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Silversea, Windstar, just to name a few. There is a package for every kind of budget. Dollar is the only familiar car rental name in Grenada. There are more than a dozen local car rental agencies. Please take special care when driving in Grenada because you must drive on the left lane and there is an isle wide speed limit of 25 miles per hour (which is strictly enforced). If you don't want to be bothered with driving, don't worry; there are plenty of taxis around the isle.


Grenada has 45 beaches, which is perfect for those senior travelers that would like to avoid the cruise ship crowds. The secluded Morne Rouge Beach is a hidden gem in Grenada. It offers shallow, clear waters with little wave action. If you're into snorkeling near the shore, try Magazine Beach nearby the Aquarium restaurant, which is close to the Grenada International Airport. Last but not least, Pink Gin Beach is a great place to experience sunsets, surrounded by sand that is really pinkish.


The Grenada National Museum offers deep discounts to senior travelers and provides good accommodations to those with disabilities. Here you can trace the lives of the first inhabitants of Grenada, the Ciboney, and their history as the Arawak and Caribs arrived into the island. You'll learn about the power struggle between the U.K., France and the Netherlands over who controls the isle. The highlights of the museum are the steel drum workshops and the bathtub of Josephine Bonaparte (wife of Napoleon Bonaparte).

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