Getting Around in Grenada

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There are numerous flights a day between Grenada and Carriacou. Point Salines International Airport is on Grenada's southwestern tip about 3 miles (5km) southwest of St George's. There are no buses operating from the airport but there a number of rental car offices and taxis available with set fares to all points on the island. Carriacou's airport is just southwest of Hillsborough and minibuses and taxis tend to swing by the airport whenever a flight comes in.

Minivan buses are a good way to get around Grenada if you want to experience the rhythms of daily life - most blast calypso and reggae music and provide a hair-raising ride. Most buses leave St George's from the Esplanade bus terminal at the west end of Granby St. The two main minibus routes on Carriacou are between Hillsborough and Windward and Hillsborough and Tyrell Bay. Unfortunately most buses stop running in the early evening and there are few services anywhere on Sunday. Some minibuses however double as taxis and are available for private charter. You can flag down a passing bus from the side of the road by simply sticking out your hand. To get off a bus just yell out 'drop one.'

There are a number of local and international car rental agencies; most of the local agencies have small fleets and a minimum three-day rental period and you're probably better off dealing with the international companies. Visitors need to purchase a local driving license available from the car rental companies; driving is on the left. Taxis fares are regulated by the government though they can also be hired by the hour for sightseeing tours.

Cargo boats and catamarans run regularly between Grenada and Carriacou; a ride in an old-fashioned cargo boat can take three to four hours while the modern express catamarans take half as long but cost twice as much. Boats are available to several nearshore islands.

There is regular boat service connecting Petit Martinique with Grenada and Carriacou. This mile-wide island has one road along the west coast but it is otherwise easy to get around on foot.

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