Punta Cana Travel Guide

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Punta Cana Travel Guide

The city of Punta Cana located in the Dominican Republic is said to be home to some of the world's best beaches. The coastline is a 40-mile stretch of white sands, blue-green waters, plus all the lush flora and fauna you could ever imagine. The local government has deemed this area a national treasure and it's also recognized as such by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Follow this Punta Cana Travel Guide for a list of vacation ideas when visiting and exploring this Caribbean jewel.

Things to Do

When visiting Punta Cana you'll find many activities and things to do for anyone of any age. Whether you like tennis, golfing, sailing, kayaking, 4-wheeling excursions, deep sea fishing, diving or snorkeling, you will not run out of things to do. Swim amongst the coral reefs that go on for miles and explore all of the sea life surrounding them. Visit the Manati Park and swim with dolphins, ride horses or sit back and take in the view of the exotic birds, fish and tropical plants. Go to the Western hemisphere's first European settlement called Santo Domingo where centuries of heritage is still preserved. Go whitewater river rafting down the Rio Yasque river and experience waterfalls, vertical drops and more.

Good to Know

The peak tourist season runs from December to April of each year. Prices will be much higher during this peak season and do drop dramatically during summer and early fall. You could basically travel here any time of year as the weather is always wonderful. It's of course considered tropical, has mild winds and temperatures average in the upper 70's. In Summer / early Fall months, temperatures will reach the 90's with constant humidity. So if you do travel in the off-season, pack very light, loose fitting cotton clothing to stay cool and bring a good sunblock. It would also be wise to know some Spanish or bring along a translation dictionary, for even though the locals do know some English, it won't be enough to communicate fluently.


Many of the places to stay in Punta Cana are resort like and very beautiful. They're resorts on the larger scale and spread out so be prepared to do lots of walking from place to place within them. Some accommodations are geared toward adults only and some for families, so research thoroughly before booking. Also know there are places to stay for every kind of budget and taste as well, from quaint villas to luxury hotels and resorts.

If you enjoy all-inclusive resorts, Punta Cana is the place to visit.  Punta Cana has its own small airport, which is convenient to the resort areas, and draws many vacationers especially Europeans.   Located on the southeastern side of Dominican Republic, Punta Cana has beautiful beaches and palm trees that stretch over sparkling turquoise waters as you can see on these pictures.

There is much to do besides lying on the beaches here.  Within the resorts, there are golfing, horseback riding, water sports, scuba diving, and hiking (in the ecological park in the Punta Cana Resort).  Safaris and a visit to the controversial Manti park are also available. 

If you need time to get out of the resorts, there are gwa-gwas, local buses, that can take you to Higuey (for 50 pesos) or Bavaro.  Probably a great place to stock up on water.  The Punta Cana resort charges an extra 16% gratituity on each bill, plus an additional 10% DR tax. 


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