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The city of Santiago de los Cabelleros is famous for its hilly topography, tropical climate, extensive museums, and beautiful hotels.

Hodelpa Gran Almirante

Whether you are going on a family vacation or business trip, the Hodelpa Gran Almirante is considered, by many travelers, to be one of the city’s best and most accommodating hotels. It is a five star hotel that is about $144 a night.

Hotel Gran Cibao

Sophisticated and accessible, the Hotel Gran Cibao is the largest five star hotel in Santiago de los Cabelleros. Comparable to the Gran Almirante in price, it has 450 rooms. It also contains a large swimming pool, a conference room, and a casino.

Hotel Matum

If you are looking to have a great experience but spend a little less money, the Hotel Matum is a four star hotel located in a fun area near the Gran Teatro del Cibao. It has recently been remodeled and only costs about $80 a night. Although it has amenities including a mini bar, beauty shop, and wireless Internet service, some customers indicate that it is best to avoid this particular hotel.

Tubagua Plantation Village

If a five or four star hotel is not in your budget, consider checking out Tubagua Plantation Village, which is just outside Santiago de los Cabelleros in Puerto Plata.   This hotel is only $30 a night; ideal if you are in the mood to sleep at an establishment that is off the beaten path. Tubagua Plantation Village is an ecotourism retreat that has a vivid ocean view. You must make a reservation in advance and pay cash upon arrival.            

Rancho Constanza

Rancho Constanza Hotel Santiago de los Treinta Caballeros offers Swiss-style cabins with an ecotourism experience. The stay includes access to a restaurant, currency exchange, and bicycle storage among other amenities. It is a three star hotel that costs $53 a night. Rancho Constanza Hotel is famous for the 26 bird species you can see near the hotel’s premises.  


Santiago de los Cabelleros is not without hostels. One of the most affordable ones is Hostal del Cibao (not to be confused with Hotel Gran Cibao). It is only 450 pesos a night, which converts to about $12.50. For such a low price, many travelers are quite pleased with the setup. Housekeepers are known to wash your clothes for $6.00, at this friendly accommodation. Just remember to tip them.        


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