Sights in Dominica

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The Dominican Republic sights are endless and include everything from historical cities to beaches to forests to mountains and rivers. Different than most other Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic always has activities or events going on.  Listed are some of the most popular things to see and do.

Altos de Chavon

Altos de Chavón is a re-created 16th-century Italian village and home to an amazing cultural and arts center. The village is lined with cobblestone streets and all along them you'll find local villagers and artists working their daily trade for all to see. This picturesque village also houses an outdoor amphitheater that seats around 5,000 spectators and has hosted infamous greats like Carlos Santana and Frank Sinatra.

Zona Colonial

In Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial, visitors will find the oldest and most breathtaking historical sites in all of the Americas. Among the famed buildings in Santo Domingo are the Cathedral Primada de América, which was constructed in the early 1500's, the remains of the Monastery of San Francisco built in the same century, a 22-room palace built by Diego Columbus (son of Christopher) called the Alcázar de Colón, built in 1510, and the Ozama Fortress built in 1503 and the oldest military outpost still intact

Whale Watching and Snorkeling

Go whale watching near the Samaná Peninsula during the months of January to March and you're guaranteed to see up to 5,000 humpback whales traveling in the coastal waters. If you love the water, go on one of the diving and snorkeling tours given daily. Swim in and around coral reefs to view the marine life, or explore sunken ships in the area. There are hundreds of different species of marine life around from whale sharks to manta rays to dolphins and many tropical fish.


In the mountains of the Dominican Republic, you'll find a variety of sights and things to do as well. Travel to country's longest river, the Río del Norte, and take a river rafting ride to see the river itself, the lush trees and foliage along the riverbanks, as well as the mountains and canyons it travels through.

The Cordillera Septentrional mountain range is a great place for sight-seeing and hiking, as well as a fun sport the locals want everyone to try...canyoning. Canyoning is where you hike up a mountain, then repel down the steep sides of its cliffs viewing and traveling through waterfalls that flow down right alongside you.

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