Practical Information in Dominica

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Before visiting this Caribbean country of tropical beauty, you'll want to read up on Dominican Republic practical information before your next visit so that you can better understand how locals live.


It is important to take note of what part of the country you plan to visit before your arrival, as different parts of the island are under different control. While two thirds of the island are part of Hispaniola, one third of the island located on the western shores is controlled by Haiti.

Hurricane Season

You should also note that the Dominican Republic lies in the middle of the hurricane belt and is often the target of tropical storms. You should note that the times of greatest activity are the months of June through October. Although travel to the region is often cheaper in these months, you may encounter poor weather.

Transportation Fees

As soon as you arrive in The Dominican Republic, you will be charged a fee of USD $10, also payable with the Euro, but not with local currency. This is for your tourist card to travel within the country. You will also be charged USD $20 to leave. If you're flying a major carrier, the fee will be included in your ticket price. 

Currency and Language

The official language is Spanish, though English is also widely spoken. You may also hear Haitian Creole French if you're in he Haitian areas of the country.

The official currency is the Dominican Peso. You can trade your US dollars or Euros for Dominican Pesos at the airport and many other places, but be careful of how much you exchange. Some locations do not exchange local currency back into dollars or Euros.

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