Getting Around in Dominica

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All Aboard a Gua Gua!

Dominican Republic transportation services consists of three main types of transportation as follows.

Gua Gua

Pronounced (gwa-gwa), these small and battered buses serve as a means of transportation on the island. They're a very inexpensive way to get around while experiencing the culture of the local area. The taxi routes are consistent and regularly running, but they can also become quite crowded. If you want to travel with these buses you'll want to hold your cash tight and close.


If you want to use a private taxi as opposed to the public ones, you should note that they are available, but can pose a danger. You'll want to make sure you see your driver's license. Unlike the gua-guas, rates here are not preset. You can bargain for a better rate. Make sure to negotiate the price before accepting the ride. When you schedule a taxi through a service, you will be given a confirmation number. Make sure the confirmation number is read back to you exactly by the driver when you're picked up. This is for your own safety, as robbers will often act as taxi drivers. A secure driver will wear his license around his neck and dress in a uniform.


Caribe Tours operates tour buses and metro buses around the island as well. Tour rates are fixed depending on where you're traveling to. As the government subsidizes this form of transportation, it is generally very reliable and quite cheap. You'll expect to pay less than $10 USD for your trip. Buses are air conditioned (And can be rather cold) and play movies during your trip.

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