When to Go in Varadero

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If you are looking to travel to Cuba’s most popular and most visited resort, Varadero is the place for you. Just north of the Gulf of Mexico and East of the Bahamas, Varadero is located in the Caribbean Sea, making way for sub-tropical climates throughout the year. However, depending on the type of climate you are looking to enjoy on your vacation, it is important to know when each season occurs, and what to expect weather-wise during each month of the year. This helps you plan for Varadero When to Go.


Dry Winter Season

When to go to Varadero depends largely on personal weather preferences during your vacation. From November through April, Varadero experiences a dry, winter season. During these months, there is little rain and the average daily temperature is around 82 degrees. Their coldest month during this season is in January when the average temperature is a crisp 68 degrees. Still very pleasant, and warm enough to enjoy a stroll along the beautiful beaches, but cool enough to avoid overheating and being uncomfortably hot. While rain and storms cannot ever be ruled out completely in a tropical locale, Varadero only sees rain about 1 week per month, and the humidity level is very moderate, making it easy to enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches, and pristine crystal blue waters that make Varadero Cuba's most visited resort island.  The humidity begins to increase as the summer months begin to approach, making the dry winter season ever more appealing for travel. For most travelers, the winter months are the most idyllic for travel to this tropical paradise.

Wet, Hot, Humid Summer Season

Beginning in May and occurring until October, Varadero experiences their wettest and hottest summer season. While it is certainly still a tropical paradise, and often quite busy during the months of July and August, it is also extremely warm, with frequent and intense storms. The humidity level increases immensely and the majority of Cuba’s rain pounds the streets, turning them into rivers rather than sidewalks. The storms are generally short, but the humid air lingers for a long time before the sunshine resumes. Times to avoid visiting Varadero are during the months of August, September, and October.  It is during these months that Cuba sees hurricanes and tropical cyclones. If you are planning to visit Varadero during the hot summer season, you can expect plenty of sunshine, accompanied by extremely hot temperatures, well in the 90 degree to over 100 degree range and copious amounts of rain.

Plan Accordingly

To get the most out of your vacation, always make sure to check what the expected weather conditions will be during your visit. The beauty and serenity of Varadero's white sand beaches should not be missed. Remember, an informed traveler is a happy traveler.

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