Sights in Varadero

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Varadero sights range from magnificent beaches to cultural and historical attractions. Varadero is a resort town and it is also known as "Blue Beach." Tourism in the area began in 1870 and since then it has become a prestigious tourist resort. Many millionaires and famous people set up holiday homes in the area. The Cuban revolution in 1959 affected tourism but tourism was once again revived in the 1990's and new hotels were built.


The white sandy beaches stretch for 20 kms along the beautiful blue ocean. This is the perfect place to relax in the sun. The clear blue water offers a refreshing respite from the heat. Visitors can enjoy a range of water sports. The area offers good scuba diving conditions. Tours for deep sea fishing can be arranged. Another activity is to go for a ride on the glass bottom boats where you can marvel at the beauty of the fish in the ocean. There is ample space to go for a walk along the beach and explore. The beautiful natural surroundings and cays make the area even more breathtaking.


Santa Catalina Cave is situated in Varadero. The cave is 8 kms long. The cave is a fascinating place to visit and there is evidence that the caves were once inhabited by pre-Columbian people.  Bellamar caves have been a tourist attraction since the 1860's. These large caves are interesting to explore and there are stairs into the caves.

Villa Du Pont

The building was originally owned by Irenee Du Pont and it was constructed in 1928. The rooms are adorned with marble, bronze and artwork. The bar has a piano and offers breathtaking sunset views. Located near Villa Du Pont is a championship 18 hole golf course. On the golf course are lagoons and lakes. The fairways are designed to be shaped like islands. On-site is an elite restaurant which serves delicious food.

Josone Park

The park has a bar which serves a variety of drinks including Pina Coladas. Josone park is situated near the entrance of the town. The green park has exotic vegetation and is home to many different species of birds. A man made lake is located in the park. There are 4 restaurants serving delicious Italian and Cuban cuisine.

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Bellamar Caves

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Although this is not an exciting adventure, it is interesting. Enclosed by a small building housing mining artifacts, the entrance to the caves takes you down 159 steps to the level of the main chambers. These are the deepest caves in Cuba, with some unexplored chambers still being developed. There is water on the ground and some narrow places with low ceilings. Watch your step and your head!

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