Practical Information in Varadero

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Although Cuba is oftentimes associated with crime, poverty and other undesirable traits, the following Varadero practical information guide will help to show that this peaceful resort town is anything but what many people expect from this country. Before planning a trip to Cuba, read on for a general sense of the city of Varadero.


Located on the Hicacos peninsula at the eastern portion of the island, Varadero was founded around 1550. It has been continuously occupied since that time, although the official foundation date wasn't until the late 1880s. At this point, the city was under Spanish rule. In 1976 it came under Cuban rule, and has been a resort town ever since.

Useful Knowledge

This city is generally very safe, although it's not wise to travel alone at night or on foot. Exercise standard caution when walking around or driving. The population is roughly 20,000, although upwards of 500,000 visitors arrive per year. One of the most difficult things about planning a trip to Varadero is acquiring the necessary government permission. Due to trade embargoes and other restrictions, it can be very difficult or even impossible for a United States citizen to enter the country. For residents of other countries, it's a good idea to check in with your local government before considering a trip to Cuba to see how difficult it will be to visit the country.

For additional information about Cuba and Varadero in particular, speak with your local tourist agency or travel guide company. Contact the Cuban tourism board for more questions as well.

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