Museums in Varadero

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Though renowned for its Caribbean waves and endless seasons, the city of Varadero offers far more than gold-sand days. It instead offers historical insight, with the worthy  assistance of Varadero Museums. Learn the origins of this vacationer’s delight and prepare to explore.

Municipal Museum of History

Be taken back by sweeping views and white-painted porches, arching doors and open windows. This once grand home has been fashioned new, its insides converted to both library and museum. Visitors will stroll the many rooms. Greeted by calligraphy, photographs and other vital documentations. There is no need to rush through a holiday to find this stately structure, though. It is open every day and tours are easy to arrange. It is sure to please.

Casa de la Cultura Los Corales

Of all Varadero Museums, this is perhaps the most unique. A devotion to art, the Casa de la Cultura Los Corales allows its guests to experience true Cuban design. With contributions from local craftsman (many of which are available for purchase), it may seem more akin to a gallery than a museum. But its collection of lectures, performances and more distinguish its purpose: it is to educate. And it does. Doors are open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. Scheduling a tour will be no challenge.

There can be no doubt that those seeking adventure will find it in abundance here. But there can also be no doubt that Varadero Museums provide a welcomed counter to the wilder activities. Enjoy.

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