Nightlife and Entertainment in Varadero

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One of the things you would not want to miss in this Caribbean resort town is the dynamic Varadero nightlife. Cubans are known for their non-stop partying, and Varadero is no exception to the rule. Discotheques, bars and nightclubs abound in this town, so if you want to party, Varadero is the place for you. Be aware that while there are certain bars just for Cubans and other bars just for tourists, you can also find bars that cater for tourists and Cubans alike. Here are a few recommendations:

Bar Café Benny More

This fancy little club was opened as a tribute to Benny More, more popularly known as the “Bavarian of Rhythm.” Bar Café Benny is a place where you can feel the rhythm of Cuban music and have a great time. The bar has a great beachfront where you can dance and enjoy your cocktail. Bar Café Benny opens at noon and closes only when the last customer decides to go home. Bar Café Benny More is widely popular with locals and tourists alike.   

Cabaret Continental

Cabaret Continental is a well known entertainment destination in Varadero, and is a part of the Varadero International Hotel Complex. Cabaret Continental serves sumptuous dinners, but make it a point to reserve a table well in advance, because this restaurant is always packed. After midnight, Cabaret Continental transforms into a disco, so be prepared for a great night of dancing after your meal.

Palacio De La Rumba

Palacio De La Rumba is one of the most popular places in town. The Palacio de la Rumba plays great music, serves delicious food, and has a great beer selection. The normal crowd is usually made up of young, professional Cubans and tourists who want great fun and entertainment. Palacio de la Rumba is situated near Hotel Bella Costa.


FM17 is situated on the busiest street of Varadero. It is open 24 hours and serves snacks, hamburgers, ice cream, beers, wines and cocktails--and the best mojitos around. At night this place comes alive with pulsating music from the live bands that perform here. If you are looking for a place to hang out and enjoy the night, FM17 is a great place to do just that.

Cabaret Cueva de Pirata (Pirates Cave)

The Cueva de Pirata is a real natural cave transformed into a Cuban dance school and a cabaret. If you're looking for some unique entertainment, this cabaret is the place to find it. You can also enjoy some fine cuisine at Cabaret Cueva de Pirata.

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