Getting Around in Varadero

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Use the Traditional Caleches to Get Around Varadero

Getting around Varadero involves using the local Varadero transportation options available in the city. Varadero is a town in Cuba which is popular as the largest resort town in the Caribbean. Tourism is an important part of Varadero's economy, and the local government ensures visitors have positive experiences during their stays. Getting around Varadero is very easy. Using the horse-drawn Caleches is a fun and traditional way to get around during your visit.


The Caleches are horse-drawn carriages which do not follow a specific route. The carriages are a traditional way to travel around Varadero, but it is still one of the best ways to see the town. There are only a few Caleches available in Varadero, but they are still popular among tourists who want to try something new during their visits. 

When and How to Use the Caleches

Riding the Caleches is fun, but it is not the best method of transportation if you are in a hurry to get to your next destination. The roads in Varadero are narrow and, to make matters worse, are packed with a lot of cars. Using the Caleches is limited to those traveling within the metropolis of Varadero. The carriages are no longer allowed to travel to the other towns outside of Varadero. This particular mode of transportation is cheaper than riding a bus or taxi. Before embarking, though, travelers must first arrange the fare with the driver.

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