Festivals in Varadero

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Located in the Caribbean, Varadero is possibly the most prestigious beachside resort in the area, and there are many Varadero Festivals to take part in while visiting. It is located on la Punta de Hicacos and showcases beautiful white beaches that are also sure to delight.

Varadero World Of Music Festival

This festival takes place in June. It will include plenty of concerts, music and dancing in over ten different places. It showcases both local and international music.

International Culinary Festival

The most famous of chefs are present at this food-filled festival. It is a tasteful delight to all guests, who get to sample the best of the best. This includes both local and international cuisine. It occurs during the month of March on a biyearly basis. 

Puppet Theatre International Workshop

This is a muppet-lover’s delight. It is a theatrical group created for children. When this workshop is going on, performances take place on Puppet Street. They take place all day long, but evenings are for adults. Puppets find their way into just about every home, library, hospital, etc. that can be found, and theatrical artists from all over the world flock here to enjoy this festival. At the end of the Teatro Papalote Dramaturgy Competition, prizes are awarded.

Tourism Convention

Happening in May, this attraction is aimed at business folks in the tourism or travel industry. In addition, it attracts travel agencies, ministers, hotel managers and business people. It showcases presentations of special offers and special destinations, while allowing fresh new business deals and partnerships to be built.

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