Day Trips in Varadero

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Most of the Varadero day trips are centered on visiting the exotic beaches and neighboring islands. Varadero is largely regarded among the most well-preserved Caribbean beach locations. Visitors can combine any of the following options when planning Varadero day trips, since none of them present a sizable difference in terms of the commuting time or accessibility.

Nearby Islands

The neighboring city of Havana is just about 140 km from Varadero. Visitors can start early in the day and seek a boat-ride to the colonial part of Havana that is often referred to as Old Havana. This short tour is seriously recommended to those who want to understand the troubled history of Cuba. Surprisingly, the boundaries of Cuba and some other Caribbean nations are very relaxed. The best example of this is Trinidad. There are little restrictions in terms of visitors from either side crossing across the demarcated waters. Visitors can seek a boat-ride to Trinidad during the daytime without any apprehensions. An essential part of this tour is visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Trinidad that helps to understand the history of slave trade.

Other Options

Zapata National Park is among the most recommended of natural conservation sites in the Caribbean. It is regarded as the largest and perhaps the only functional wetland conservation project across the Caribbean. Here, people can visit at the crocodile farms. Another option is to take a boat-ride to Laguna Tesoro.

People can undertake a daytrip to Cienaga Zapata. This town is located about 168 km to the south of Matanzas. It is renowned for its colonial heritage and clear waters. To explore the flora and fauna of the islands, visitors can take part in eco-trips that are arranged during the daytime. This includes visiting the forests located along the La Terrazas Hills.

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