Cruises in Varadero

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An Unforgettable Cruise

The Varadero cruises are highly recommended. This is the perfect way to explore all the hidden treasures in Varadero. The Caribbean is known as the land of resorts, and Varadero is one of the largest tourist areas in Cuba. It is a peninsula located in the Mantanzas province and is also called the blue beach.


Catamarans are boats that are used for leisure activities in Varadero. You just have to make a request at the reception desk of your hotel. Within minutes, a shuttle service will come to pick you up from the hotel and take you to the marina in Chapellin. Step on board and take in the beautiful views of the coast. The catamaran has an open bar, and you can enjoy island cocktails and groove to the music.


After sailing for 20 minutes, you can dive into the clear water and go snorkeling. Explore the marine life and enjoy the warm water. Lobster may be caught during this period and cooked while you are on board. For lunch you will be served several lobster dishes, chicken, rice and vegetables. After lunch, sail for another 30 minutes and see the island of Cayo Blanco. The anchor will be dropped for those who wish to swim to the coast. You can explore the island and the stalls which sell several regional artifacts. Walk on the sandy beach and take in the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the island.


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