Bars and Cafes in Varadero

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Varadero bars and cafes rank as some of the best in all of Cuba. For many years Cuba has been regarded by travelers as a truly romantic and iconic destination, partly because of its revolutionary past and partly because of its attraction to writers and artists over the years.

La Arboleda

If you want a real taste of local Cuban culture then you must come to this venue. It is very small at only 3-by-10 meters and half the space is taken up by the bar and most of the other half the kitchen. That's not necessarily a disadvantage though when you consider that the trade-off is the opportunity to listen to genuine Cuban rhythms played by a genuine Cuban band. You'll get the chance to meet local people in this 24-hour spot and the musicians happily mingle with the crowd.

La Comparsita

Another authentic example of Varadero bars and cafes, La Comparsita offers friendly and efficient service and a casual vibe. The place is open from afternoon to early morning and the entertainment is provided by superb comedians, salsa groups and solo vocalists. Very much a taste of the real Cuba.

Cueva del Pirata

Varadero bars and cafes don't get much more alternative and unique than this place. Meaning 'Cave of Pirates', Cueva del Pirata is literally a small cave that has been modified to become a top disco and cabaret venue. Truly it must be seen to be believed. Admission is $10.

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