7 Day Itinerary in Varadero

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Visiting Varadero without a Varadero Itinerary is not a wise idea. Being on holiday here you would not want to miss the best that Varadero has to offer. Here’s something to help you get started.

Day 1 - Barracuda International Diving Center

Since Varadero is a beautiful island resort you might as well learn scuba diving at the Barracuda International Diving Center. The center offers various diving classes that come with an international certificate. If you already know how to dive, the center will organize diving tours.

Day 2 - Seafari Cayo Blanco

You can jazz up your journey and explore Seafari Cayo Blanco. It is a wonderful resort that offers catamaran cruises for business and leisure travelers. Here you can go snorkeling or scuba diving in the beautiful coral barrier reef.

Day 3 - Parque Josone

Parque Josone or Josone’s Park is an old manor transformed into a wonderful tourist hot spot. The park is a place where you can see great bird species, lush grassland and a man-made lake. You can also dine at one of the 4 different restaurants within the park. The park also has camel and boat rides.

Day 4 - Hicacos Peninsula and Yumuri Valley

Take a trip to explore the exceptional ecosystem of the Hicacos Peninsula and the nearby Yumuri Valley. At the Hicacos Peninsula you can see the oldest and rarest cactus tree, as well as a vast collection of reptiles, birds and vegetables. On the nearby Yumuri Valley you can explore the Montemar Nature reserve, Laguna de Tesoro, La Salina and La Boca.

Day 5 - Shopping along the Beaches

Shopping at the shops along the beaches of Varadero is another great thing to do in this Caribbean island resort. Shops and stalls along the beaches offer great finds from sunglasses, beach wear, souvenirs, Cuban cigars, rum, and coffee to T-shirts, CD’s and more. Be sure to bargain to get the best prices.

Day 6 - Bellamar Caves

This is the oldest tourist hot spot in Cuba; the Bellamar Caves were open to the public in 1860.  Here you will find impressive limestone formations, stalagmites and stalactites. This is still one of the most famous tourist destinations in Cuba and every year it draws thousands of visitors.

Day 7 - Villa Du Pont Xanadú

Visit the Villa Du Pont Xanadú. This is a beautiful green-roof residential hacienda that houses the largest golf course in Cuba. You can play a game of golf and then dine in Las Americas, a fine-dining restaurant situated in the basement of the mansion.

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