Getting Around in Havana

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taking a bus in Havana can be quite a hassle

taking a bus in Havana can be quite a hassle

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The central part of the city is not that big. Walking is a great idea.

Coco Taxi

The small G shaped coco taxis can be found everywhere in the city. They bring you around for $1 or $2 depending on the distance. You'll have to bargain though.

from and to the airport José Martí International Airport is at Rancho Boyeros 25km (16mi) southwest of Havana. Taxis and buses will take you into the capital.

Greater Havana

Getting around greater Havana by train is definitely the way to go. The Estanción Cristina located a few kilometers southwest of central Havana handles all train traffic within the metropolitan area.

Guaguas (city buses) are sometimes called aspirinas indicating that their rare appearances relieve the pain of long waits in lengthy lines. Shortages of fuel and spare parts have taken many buses out of service and are largely to blame for the delays. The bigger busses are called camello (Camel) because of their camel like shape.

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