Day Trips in Havana

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Havana, a beach lover’s haven, is generously sprinkled with turquoise waters and sun-pecked golden sand along with a plethora of indigenous species of orchids and historical monuments. The Havana Day Trip Guide offers great ideas for discovering the virginal charm of this coastal stunner.

Bay Side Revelry

There is no avoiding a pristine and glistening water body in Havana. The Cuban Capital has a bevy of attractive beaches that are great for an unruffled holiday replete with excessive doses of sunbathing and lazy lounging. One of the most frequented beaches in the region is the aureate Varadero beach. This is the destination of merriment for the crème de la crème of Cuba and visitors can indulge in some enjoyable celebrity spotting on the sands of this high-profile holiday hotspot. Time to rub shoulders with the rich and famous while soaking in the spirit of a quintessential beach holiday. A little further down to the east of Havana is the Canivar River, a lesser known destination for fantastic snorkeling among vibrantly-shaded reefs. For some super thrilling scuba diving head straight to Cayo Largo del Sur--it has enough activity to keep to occupied throughout the day.   

Mystery and History

The old town section of Havana or Plaza de Armas is a fantastic option for a day trip. Discover the artistic vistas of a rich cultural heritage and explore the kaleidoscopic charm of ancient Latin America. Start with Havana Viieja, a bustling harbor discovered by the Spanish in the 16 th century. The other structures of the region are an attractive montage of neoclassic and baroque style architecture and there are several ancient ruins that dot the narrow lanes of old Havana. This charming blob of vintage appeal finds itself on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. A must visit for a snapshot of the conjugation of Spanish-American cultural wonders.  The trip can be combined with a visit to Chinatown, a place that exudes an enchanting oriental legacy with street-side paper dragons, Chinese cultural symbols and numerous eateries serving full-bodied Chinese fare. Chinatown is a good visit for those with a penchant for oriental flavors.

Breathtaking Nature

To catch the famous orchids of Havana in all their natural resplendence, take a trip to the Orchid Garden. The destination is packed with hundreds of varieties of orchids that line-up the lush green mass like precious multi-hued stones to form stunning natural patterns.The Orchid Gardens is a great place to take the kids. The Vinales Valley (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) excursion is worth taking for its splendidly landscaped mountains that are sprinkled with aesthetic rocky formations and rudimentary tobacco plantations. The rustic farm architecture and multi-ethnic settlements in the villages are worth experiencing. 

Havana is a multifarious holiday destination that crams many flavors in a single pie to produce some awe-inspiring results.

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