Day Trips in Cayman Islands

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If you should get tired of lazing around the Cayman Islands the following are some suggestions of where you can visit while you are there. 

Short Flight to Cuba

The Caymans aren't too far from Cuba and if you are up to a trip you can find a short flight that will accommodate you. Island Air will transport you on a day trip to Havana and it will only take about 1.5 hours. Once you get there you board an air conditioned tour bus for a trip around the city. You will eat in a restaurant partaking of native Cuban food. The restaurant/bar is the same that Ernest Hemingway used to go to. After lunch you will walk around Old Havana and explore the Cathedral, castle and museums. There are also street vendors that will sell you handmade crafts and art. You get back to the Grand Caymans just in time for dinner. Tours run about $300.

Deep Sea Fishing

The ocean between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica is the deepest than it is anywhere else. This lends itself to deep sea fishing and in the Cayman Islands you can find several different companies that will take you out to fish. Grand Cayman Deep Sea Fishing Tours will take you out for a full day (six hours) or a half day (4 hour) trip. They supply the gear and guides that will give you a hand if you've never had the opportunity to deep sea fish before.The Captain knows all the best places to fish and will do his best to allow you to catch something. Full day tours cost about $1000 while half day is $750.

Visit Other Cayman Islands

Island Air also provides day trips from Grand Cayman to some of the smaller islands in the area. Visit Cayman Brac for about $100. Cayman Brac is a nature lover's paradise but be warned that the terrain here is pretty rugged. There are caves that you can explore and if you love to identify birds, this is the place to do it. Brac is Gaelic for bluff and there is one that is 12 miles long and one mile wide. Hikers love the challenge of this hike and birdwatchers can find 400 species of birds. You can actually go in several of the caves on the island. Rebecca's Cave is the most popular being named after a child who died during the Hurricane of 1932. There is also Skull Cave, Peter's Cave, Bat Cave (guess what type of animal resides here), and Great Cave. A Russian frigate was sunk off the coast in 1996 and you can snorkel around the ship.

While you are in the Cayman's be sure to take advantage of some of the excursions that are available to you.

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