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North Point

North Point

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Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean chain of islands. It lies well to the east of the West Indies, making it the most windward of the Windward Islands. With it's 430 square kilometres, it's just a small drop of land in the Caribbean sea, but 97 kilometres of coastline make Barbados great destination for an active holiday.

Barbados is predominantly flat with only a few gently rolling hills to the north, but the differences between the east and west coast are quite dramatic. The west coast is the Caribbean side. Here beaches are made of fine white sand and there are natural coral reefs. There's a lot of hotel development, but the coastline remains attractive none the less. The Atlantic side is less developed and more rugged. There is a lively surf as the sea pounds the more rocky shoreline.

On such a small and crowded Island it's hard to leave the beaten track. Just go for water sports and beach activities. The coral structure of the island acts as a natural filter and the waters of Barbados are amongst the purest in the world.

A stay on the island is not complete without a visit to it's capital Bridgetown where life centers around Trafalgar square, which gives away it's colonial link to Britain, and some still refer to the Island as "Little England" or "Bimshire". Barbadians refer to one another as "Bajans".

Another 'must-see' is the Malibu Rum Factory that sits right on the beach.  Beautiful blue/green water and a couple of free Malibu Rum drinks in your hand.  It's a beautiful setting.

Getting around on the island is fairly easy with its well developed bus and taxi system. You can pretty much sit on the bus and tour half of the island with only $0.75 US.

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