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gold rock beach Grand Bahama

gold rock beach Grand Bahama

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This Bahamas Travel Guide will provide you with pertinent information you'll need to know about the area, traveling there, plus all the sights and places there are to visit. The Bahamas are comprised of approximately 5,000 square miles of land which includes a total of 700 islands, plus a couple of thousand mini-islands made of just sand and rock formations. While vacationing here, you'll never run short of things to do or places to explore.

Getting There

There is more than one way to arrive at the Bahamas Islands. If you prefer to fly there directly, you'll find a number of flights that travel here daily to the main airports located in Nassau and Freeport. If you're more adventurous, board one of the many cruise ships that travel here from various locations. If you take a cruise, you'll have the option of just spending the day in the Bahamas, or there are longer voyages that allow you to spend several days on different islands before re-boarding the ship for your voyage home.

Weather Expectations

Weather in the Bahamas is at a comfortable level of warmth year round. You'll also find cooling breezes from time to time which are quite refreshing. You won't find the scorching heat waves and humidity you might experience on other islands in the Caribbean, and for most visitors the temperatures are almost perfect. Some may worry that since the Bahamas are located within what's known as the "hurricane belt", it's not always safe to travel here. If you research hurricane reports and history of the islands, they are actually hit with hurricanes far less than one would assume.

Where to Stay

The Bahamas have a large number of hotels and resorts available for all different types of budgets and tastes. Choose from independent villas or rental properties, homey bed and breakfasts, or if you're looking to be pampered and catered to, there are 5-star resorts that can accommodate you.

Things to Do

Most come to the Bahamas to experience the tropical environment and warm luxurious waters. Aside from the obvious activities like snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving and surfing, you'll also find the islands are quite cultural and often engage in festivals of various kinds. If your favorite hobby is shopping, you will be happy to know there is an abundance of boutiques and shops to explore here. Nassau's Bay Street is the most popular with its historical buildings and brand names like Gucci, Fendi and Hilfiger.

Looking to take your vacation somewhere warm this year?   There are many great hotspots near the United States such as Central America that are relatively inexpensive to visit.   More exotic locations in Central America include the Caribbean and the Bahamas.   Any of these locations are sure to have activities for the whole family to take part in.   

Because of Central America’s large area, population and warm weather, there are countless restaurants, hiking and biking trails, and much more.   If you are looking to take a more adventurous route, hang gliding over a rain forest or river rafting may be for you.   Any of these activities can be done anywhere in Central America.     Cuisine however differs depending on the area that you visit.   For example, food in Costa Rica is about the same that is found in the United States.   However food found in El Salvador has Spanish influences so you can expect to find foods like tamales and pastelitos.   The Bahamas are one of the most visited areas by tourists in Central America because of its exquisite ocean view and exotic surroundings that it contains.   This English speaking country is located Southeast of Florida and is not difficult to navigate through because of the island’s relatively small size.   Some tourists are discouraged from traveling to the Bahamas because of several tropical storms that have occurred here in the past.   Despite its reputation for an occasional storm, activities such as fishing, snorkeling, and a variety of water sports make up for this small downfall. The Caribbean, located just North of South America, is also known for its tropical weather and crystal blue water.   Languages spoken here are English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.   Other languages are spoken as well so exchanging words with the locals is sure to be a breeze.   Snorkeling is a popular activity in the Caribbean where a whole other world of sea life can be seen.   Golf courses can be found all over the country as well as museums, natural attractions, and restaurants.   There are plenty of places to shop all over the country.   Even in the evening there is plenty to do here.   Clubs often have live music and shows to entertain those who are looking to have a good time.    No matter where you go in Central America, there are so many things to be done.   The best way to get the most out of your trip is to ask around and check the local tourist office.  


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