Getting There in Aruba

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Aruba's national airline is Air Aruba (FQ). Air Aruba stopped all their operations 2 years ago. Currently only Avia Air is operating area flights, to Bonaire, Curacao and Venezuela. American Airlines KLM and Continental also provide flights to Aruba.

DCA Airlines (Dutch Caribbean Airlines) based in Curacao, provide regular service from Curacao to Aruba, while there are daily flights from Curacao to Amsterdam with DCA, offering connecting flights form Curacao to Aruba. Approximate flight times

From Oranjestad to London is 11 hours 40 minutes (including a connection normally in Amsterdam) to Los Angeles is 10 hours and to New York is 4 hours.

International airport

Queen Beatrix (AUA) is 3.5km (2.5 miles) southeast of Oranjestad. Airport facilities include a duty-free shop bank (0800-1600 Monday to Sunday) restaurants (1100-2230 Monday and Thursday to Sunday 1100-1900 Tuesday to Wednesday) and tourist information (0700-2300 tel: (8) 29041 or 24800 ext 164). A taxi service is available between the airport and the city. Bus services run to the city centre.

Departure tax

US$20 per person for all travellers over two years of age. This is normally included in the ticket price.


Aruba has extensive virtually duty-free shopping facilities and many cruise ships call in on their Caribbean itineraries.

For info on DCA airlines, visit:

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