Beaches in Aruba

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Aruba is known to have some of the cleanest and most accommodating beaches in the Caribbean. Both the eastern and the western sides of Aruba have beaches famous for their fine, white sand and blue-green water that sparkles in the sunshine. Most of the beaches on the island are public, and the nearby hotels offer parking areas and water sport rentals and excursions, as well as facilities for changing. There are a few small beaches that allow you to go topless, but these are generally quite secluded and the water is usually too rough for swimming.

East Coast Beaches

Mangel Halto is the perfect beach for picnics, sunbathing, and relaxation. It has smooth white sand, and the shallow, turquoise water makes it perfect for wading in and searching for shells. If you're looking for the perfect spot to take the kids, head straight to Baby Beach. The calm, clear, bluish water makes it easy to observe all of the beautifully colored fish, which, in turn, makes it a snorkeler's paradise, If you need shade, just situate yourself in one of the many available beach huts, and if you're thirsty from a long day in the sun, just by a nice, cold drink at the refreshment stand. Snorkelers and swimmers will also appreciate Rodger's Beach. This beach has no facilities, but the reef-protected water makes it worth the visit. There are no nearby bus stops, but you can get there by car or taxi. For expert surfers and surfing fans, Dos Playa is definitely the place to be. The waves are big and a rocky coastline surrounds the small stretch of white sand. The waves here are considered too dangerous for swimming

West Coast Beaches

This western side of Aruba offers even more beaches. Malmok Beach has shallow water full of fish, making it a popular snorkeling area. Palm beach, accesible by bus, car, or taxi, is quite large and has the perfect swimming conditions when the water is calm. The hotels near Palm Beach provide public changing and refreshment areas. Another good snorkeling and swimming location is Arashi Beach. Although its white sand is mixed in with some stones, this beach is still very nice with clear water and beach huts for shade. It is only ten minutes from a bus stop. Other western beaches are Surfside Beach, Eagle Beach, Druif Beach, Hadicurari, and Manchebo Beach, one of the topless beaches, to name a few. 

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