Sights in Antigua and Barbuda

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Sights Antigua and Barbuda

Welcome to your relaxing Antigua and Barbuda vacation.  These two beautiful islands have only thirty miles between them.  Both Antigua and Barbuda contain a variety of interesting historical sites that are great tourist destinations.  Antigua is far more developed than Barbuda so there are more activities in Antigua, but more natural sites on Barbuda.  You can easily access both islands by boat.

Barbuda – Fort James

Prompted by concern that the French might invade, Fort James in Barbuda was built in the early 1700´s.  This may be the top historical site on the island.  The highlight of Fort James is the collection of original cannons.  This is unusual because most were unfortunately sold as scrap. 

Barbuda - Frigate Bird Sanctuary

The optimal season to visit Frigate Bird Sanctuary is October thru December. You can take a ten minute boat ride from Antigua to get there. An absolute paradise for bird watchers, there are more than 170 bird species here. Frigate Bird Sanctuary is the home for more than five thousand frigates. Compared to all other birds known to man, these fantastic frigates have the widest wingspan in proportion to the size of their body

Antigua – English Harbor

In Fort Berkeley, just a scenic ten minute walk to Nelson’s Dockyard, is Antigua’s most historical site, English Harbor. The Fort was built with the stone taken from the quarry along this walk. This harbor was never attacked so not great battles were fought here.

Antigua - Antigua and Barbuda Museum

This humble museum houses several interesting and unique exhibits allowing you to get a glimpse at the history and geology of the area. The fossil exhibit has numerous curious and engaging specimens, the capstone are the fossilized fish. The geology exhibit shows all the rocks that exist on the islands. There are also many artifacts from the Arawaks, the islands native people.

Antigua – St. Johns

If you are stopping here on a cruise, you'll dock in St. Johns, Antigua. If you would like to see all the species of flora on the island conveniently in one place go to the Botanical Gardens. There are several acres of beautifully maintained gardens. The Government House is an important landmark in Antigua and houses the George Westerby Memorial. Visitors can stroll around the grounds and some parts of this 17th century structure are open to the public. This tourist sight is easily accessible by public transportation.

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