Barbuda Travel Guide

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Barbuda is one of the twin Eastern Caribbean Islands of Antigua and Barbuda that constitute a small state located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Barbuda Travel Guide offers visitors information on the characteristics, accommodation, attractions and other important facts on the enchanting white sand beach-side tourist hotspot.


Located to the north of Antigua, Barbuda is attractively nestled in the midst of the Leeward Islands. The picturesque island was first inhabited by the Ciboney tribe in 2400 BC, however during Christopher Columbus’ second voyage in the 15 th century the land was populated by the Arawaks and Carib Indians. Thereafter the island witnessed a plethora of ethnic groups from the Spanish and French to the English who formed settlements in 1666. Barbuda was leased by siblings John and Christopher Codrington in 1685 and the family used the island to produce food and for slave transportation. The region saw the longest slavery liberation struggle anywhere in the British Empire that lasted until 1834. Today Barbuda is a smorgasbord of interesting remains of its early settlers and captivating natural beauty.


Babuda is famous for its Frigate Bird Sanctuary that is a located in a serene spot in the striking Codrington Lagoon. Another great place of tourist interest to catch a snapshot of the 18 th century island life is Highland House, a quaint and attractive Victorian structure that housed the Codrington family. The Indian Cave is worth visiting for its fascinating Amerindian petroglyphs. Apart from these, the island boasts of innumerable beaches that are frequented by travelers for their pristine waters and glistening sand. There are a number of private tour organizers and taxis that will take you around the city or alternatively visitors can take the local bus service that is fairly efficient.

Food and Accommodation

Harmony Hall undoubtedly serves the best local cuisine on the island and their fungie and pepper pot is absolutely lip-smacking. Other sea food delights include lobster and salt fish that is delicately flavored and marinated to produce some startling gastronomical results. Mama Lolly is a haven for herbivores and serves some of the most scrumptious vegetarian fare on the island. Calabash is another good vegetarian eatery. Roti King serves robustly spiced Indian curries and delicious Indian bread. There are two Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets at St. Johns for brand conscious junk food enthusiasts. 

For accommodation Jolly Harbour and Resort is a nice and clean option that is well-located and provides decent amenities for a cost that doesn’t hurt. Other good options include the Galley Bay. The island also has some neat guest house options like Carriage House and the Blue Light Cottage that are spacious, comfortably furnished and have well-equipped kitchens. Visitors with no price constraints can also book luxury villas.

Though sparsely populated and comparatively underdeveloped, Barbuda is a good medley of a lush natural landscape and serene white sandy beaches.

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