When to Go in Panama

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There are many things people need to know about Panama City; when to go is one of them. This city has recently become a popular place to retire to because the weather stays relatively nice all year round.


Spring time in Panama city has an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and being the driest season of the year, has an average precipitation of .04 inches. Spring is a relatively popular season for people to visit if they do not like too much rain, but enjoy the heat.


Summer time in Panama City has an average temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a precipitation average of 2.39 inches. Summer is the most popular season of the year to visit Panama because it is prime weather time, without too much rain for the beach scene. Summer is the best season to visit Panama City.


The Fall season in Panama has a slightly rising temperature of 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and average precipitation of 2.63 inches. Fall is not a favored season because it is the beginning of the wet storm season in Panama, although some extreme surfers enjoy visiting Panama for the surf.


The winter season in Panama City is the least visited tourist season of the year. With an average temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature itself isn't bad, but the average rain precipitation raises up to 4 inches. With Panama's bad drain system, sinkholes and landslides regularly occur during this season. Winter is not a good season to visit Panama City.

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