Soberania national park Travel Guide

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Embera Indian Village on the Chagres River in the Jungle

Embera Indian Village on the Chagres River in the Jungle

Joseph Hollick

Located along the north eastern bank of the Panama Canal, the Soberania National Park has an extension of 20,000 hectares. Located 45 minutes from Panama City this is one of the most accessible places in the Americas to enjoy nature. The park contains mostly Lowland Tropical Moist Forest and the highest altitude is only 85m. Part of the Chagres river flows across the park in front of the Gamboa Resort.

Right under the Gamboa Bridge the mighty Chagres River drains water into the Panama Canal. Been part of the North to South corridor of forest alongside the Canal, Soberania park offers refuge for lots of wildlife. Birdwatching calls the  attention of the nature travelers, been the most visited area the Pipeline Road , where the Panama Audubon Society established a record of 385 species of birds counted in 24 hours period. This road is a very good place  to do an easy nature walk or just to do some wildlife viewing (early morning).

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