When to Go in San blas islands

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If you are planning a trip to San Blas Islands, when to go will depend on what you want to do while you're there. The San Blas Islands' climate year round is humid (at about 80 percent) and tropical with temperatures between the mid 70s during the evenings and the upper 80s to mid 90s during the day (very much the same as Miami). San Blas Islands have 2 main seasons: the summer/dry season and the green/rainy season, but there is a semi-dry period during the green season .

Summer/Dry Season

The San Blas Islands' summer or dry season runs from December through April. During these months there is very little rain, mostly sunny days and cool trade winds. If you travel during this season and you're planning to go diving, you should know that when the winds are high, visibility is challenged. If a relaxing vacation on the beach is your goal and you want to take advantage of every tan opportunity, then you should consider traveling to San Blas Islands between December and April.

Green/Rainy Season

Rainy season in San Blas Islands is from May through November. This is the most recommended time to visit. During the green season it rains sporadically several days per week, but mostly in the late afternoon and evening. The rain ranges from a light mist to downpours of about 8 inches per hour, which is when you will experience a true tropical rain storm. However, it is during the rainy green season that the best sailing, kayaking, fishing, diving and snorkeling occur. Don't forget to keep the insect repellent handy as you will need it, as well as the mosquito netting for overnight stays.

Semi-Dry Season

San Blas Islands has a semi-dry season or period during the rainy season when it does not rain as much. During the months of June, July and August, the rains decrease and the trade winds are considerably mild. This period is highly recommended if you want to go scuba diving, as visibility is not as challenged during the dry summer months.

Overall, the climate is very agreeable year round and any time you choose to travel to San Blas Islands, you're sure to enjoy it!

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