Top 5 Must Do's in San blas islands

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The San Blas Islands consist of more than 350 small islands located off the Caribbean coast of Panama. It is a 20-minute plane ride from Panama City to El Porvenir, the seat of the archipelago, and flights are also available to other islands.

The San Blas Islands' Top 5 Must Do's are offered by many of the lodges.

1. Snorkeling

The San Blas archipelago was formed from coral reefs over thousands of years, and the existing underwater reefs are havens to countless species of fish. The area is considered one of the best snorkeling locations in the world, and snorkeling opportunities are spread across the archipelago. Some lodges offer snorkeling right from the property. Two of the more popular reefs are Chichime and Hollandes, toward the north of the archipelago.

2. Sailing and Kayaking

For those who prefer to be above water, sailing and kayaking are popular activities in the San Blas Islands. Kayaking is offered on the Escribano Bay and the Santa Isabel River, among other locations. Sailing trips of various lengths are offered by charter companies in San Blas. The popular sailing destinations are between Rio Diablo (Corazon de Jesus) and Porvenir, an area somewhat removed from the other islands.

3. Go to the Beach

Some of the white sand beaches of the San Blas Islands can be virtually empty. Sit on the beach and look out at the clear blue water, or wade in and watch the fish at your feet. Stay for the sunset, if time and direction permit. The Carti region has some of the most popular San Blas beaches. Depending on where you go, you might even be able to swim to another island.

4. Visit a Kuna Village

Less than ten percent of the archipelago's islands are inhabited, and the native Kuna people are independent and proud of their customs. The people predate the years of Spanish exploration. A visit to a traditional Kuna Village is like stepping back centuries, but visitors are welcome and appreciated. Observe the traditional method of fishing, or marvel at the textiles and crafts. Be sure to try some freshly caught fish.

5. Tour the Rainforest

The San Blas Islands have become popular for eco-tourism, and rainforest tours are among the activities favored by eco-tourists. Experience firsthand some of the world's more unspoiled land. Watch and hear the howler monkeys. See the colorful toucans and parrots fly past.

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