Things to do in San blas islands

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Only a short distance from the Caribbean coast of Panama are the gorgeous San Blas Islands. Things to do in this lush, tropical archipelago are varied, but always relaxing and entertaining. The archipelago itself is made up of over 350 small islets, most of which are uninhabited. The few that are inhabited are home to the indigenous Kuna people, who are known for being completely independent from Panama and its culture. The Kuna have their own music, clothing, economy, medical system, dance, ceremonies and religion, and they do not use any modern technology. A trip to the San Blas Islands is like a trip to the past, and what you will find is a beautiful culture.

The Beaches

One of the most peaceful things to do in the San Blas Archipelago is visit the beaches. There are so many incredible beaches that you can have all to yourself, as there are no people on the majority of the islets. The idyllic beaches of San Blas are as close to perfect as you can get. The waters are always warm, clear and calm and have an impossible turquoise color. Soft, pure white sand makes the perfect bed for you to rest on in the warm sun, while the tall swaying palms bend over the edges of the sand, providing shade for when you want to cool down. Many of the eco lodges provide boats that will take you to deserted island beaches whenever you want.

The Villages

There are plenty of culturally enriching things to do in the villages of the Kuna. You can watch and learn how day to day life is in the Kuna culture; you can see the hammocks that the people sleep in, watch the merchant boats cruise by, go to the village market and buy a piece of mola embroidery that the Kuna women are famous for making, walk through a medicinal herb garden, and even visit the Kuna burial grounds. It is an amazing experience, especially for tourists coming from the modern, technological world, to see a way of life so pure and connected to the natural world.

Snorkeling Sites

With the waters surrounding the islets being so calm, clear, and filled with colorful fish, it is no surprise that snorkeling is a very popular activity in San Blas. There are excellent snorkeling areas only steps away from virtually every lodging area, and basically every beach is a good choice for snorkeling. Dog Island is a particularly extraordinary site, as there is a sunken ship off the coast that is now filled with a coral garden teeming with tropical fish.

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