Sights in San blas islands

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Located off the Caribbean coastline of Panama, San Blas Islands are a cluster of over 360 islands. What makes the islands unique, besides the beauty of the swaying palm trees and rippling of aqua waters, is that the majority of the islands are uninhabited. This means that visitors can easily find a white sandy beach to sit back and relax on without a soul in site. Surrounded by vibrant reefs, the area is perfect for snorkeling and diving, particularly because of the abundance of sea life that will keep everyone “ohhh-ing” and “awe-ing.” The best conditions for water activities are between the months of April and June. For the more adventurous type, ride the warm waters by kayak or sail boat. Travelers will have the opportunity to discover mangroves, inlets, canals, and coral bays. Although all of the islands are stunning, the most appealing of the many islands are Achutupu, Coco Blanco and Kagantupu. Regardless, San Blas Islands sights are embraced by all the islands.

Meet the Locals

Besides the amazing Caribbean seascape, San Blas islands has an additional quality that cannot be found anywhere else: the fascinating locals with a rich culture and colorful traditions. The Kuna Yala Tribe has rainbow fabrics, compelling legends, engaging music and dance, and delightful art that have been untouched by tourism. Although Kuna was the original language of the islands, it is becoming less common. It is not required to know the language, as Spanish is the prevalent tongue now spoken. The Kuna Yala community only occupies a handful of the islands, one being the main island. In the villages, locals take pride in the wonderful festivals and enjoyable celebrations throughout the year that include customary dances, games, dress, and speeches. However, one does not need to visit during a festival to see the culture draped in their daily lives.

Explore the Rainforest

The virgin rain forest offers another great adventure perfect for hiking, with a wealth of wildlife to behold. The rain forest can be found on the main island of Kuna Ayala. However, the beauty does not end at the shores of the Caribbean. Explorers will uncover crystal clear waterfalls, lush fauna, and stunning flora, many of which are endangered species of Panama. The rain forest is just one of the varieties of excursions available. Others include sport fishing, ecotrekking, and horseback riding. San Blas Islands is truly a one of a kind experience that is natural, relaxing, and unmarked by an over-stimulated world.

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