Senior Travel in San blas islands

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San Blas Islands is rated as one of the top two cruising destinations on the planet by the Cruising World and the Le Monde Voyage magazine. The archipelago of Islands is popular with tourists due to its clear waters, tropical coconut palms, white sandy coast and a rich coral collection. Senior citizens will enjoy the relaxed pace and the soothing, unspoiled ambiance of the San Blas, along with its old-world charm. Here are some ideas for senior travelers to make the most of their trip to San Blas Islands.

Kuna Indian Village Tour

San Blas Islands are inhabited by a large population of the native Kuna Tribes, who lead a fascinating rudimentary life replete with thatched bamboo homes, hammock beds and an herbal medicinal garden. There are several hand-made artifacts put together by the skilled tribal craftsman, and beautiful mola appliqué tropical embroidery objects created by them can be picked up from the village streets. The Kuna women in their colorful attires offer abundant photographic opportunities, and it’s not really surprising that the Kuna Villages and its tribes have been featured scores of times on the pages of National Geographic. Visit the tribal meeting house, the traditional burial grounds and take a tour to the adjoining jungle waterfalls.

Rainforest Tours

Senior visitors can take the comfortably organized rainforest tours to witness the lush mainland region of San Blas. The dense vegetation, wildlife and waterfalls of the archipelago make for a perfect natural sightseeing session for the more zealous and adventurous senior travelers. There are specially designed excursion tours for senior citizens that chalk a less strenuous itinerary and avoid venturing too deep into the forest.


One of the best travel ideas for senior visitors in San Blas Islands is to go on a yacht cruise through the turquoise waters on the island, and discover its copious tropical marine life. The boats are often managed by the owners who double up as guides and direct visitors to the best snorkeling spots and reef spotting zones. The best catches of the day land up on the plate of tourists in the form of delicious meals cooked by a competent hostess cum cook. At any given time, there are about 6 to 14 boats sailing in the waters of San Blas, and charters can be reserved up to 21 days in advance. There are special discount cruises for senior visitors and they can book a package sailing and eco-lodge tour that combines a cruise and tropical forest trail.

The San Blas Islands are a pristine cluster of islands with lovely tropical rainforests, interesting ethnic tribal villages and clear cruising waters that offer generous glimpses of the marine life of the region. Senior travelers have special cruises and elderly-friendly excursion tours that help them enjoy the serene natural beauty of San Blas.

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