Getting There in San blas islands

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Playon Chico Airstrip

Playon Chico Airstrip

M. van Geelen

By Air

By far the most easy way to get to San Blas is by booking a national (return) flight from Panama City. Flights are well affordable (circa 80 dollar for a return flight). Flights go to a large number of islands in the San Blas archipeligo, and if one of those islands is not your final destination it is usually easie to book a boat from the nearest airstrip.

Flights go daily, but do sell out quickly. So, you'll have to make reservations as soon as possible. Reason is that the planes are very small, and they work more like busses. You'll hop from island to island until you reach your destination.

So, be aware that flights only go once per day. So you'll need to have made reservations for your hotel as well in order to avoid being stuck at a San Blas airstrip.

National flights go in Panama City From Aeropuerto Marcos A Gelabert, better known as Albrook Airport. This is not the same airport as Tocumen Airport, which is for international flights.

There are two operators that fly to San Blas: Aeroperlas and Air Panama. Their rates are identical and the flight schedules are also almost identical. Booking is possible at the airport, a local travel agency or directly by phone or internet: or

By Boat

The other possibility is renting a boat or a passage on a boat in the harbour of Colon. This can be hard, but with a bit of luck you will be able to find a boat doing provisions for the islands. In principle it must be possible to reach the islands also by boat form Portobelo or Nombre de Dios, but I would not count on this too much.

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