Family Travel Ideas in San blas islands

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Located in the Caribbean, off the coast of Panama, the San Blas, a group of 365-378 palm-lined islands, are inhabited by an indigenous Indian tribe, the Kuna. These gorgeous islands, many just the size of a football field, offer more than a dozen activities for family travel. Before you plan your adventure, keep in mind that travel to some of the San Blas islands is limited to only a few visitors at a time. Winter is your best bet to visit, as the prices are low and the islands less crowded. You can get to any of the islands via ship or canoe. Barter first to get the best price.

The San Blas Islands offer numerous family-friendly activities. Here are World 66’s top choices:

The Villages

Not all the islands are accessible 24/7. The native Kuna Indians settled on a few islands that are accessibly only by the weekend. On these native islands you can meet the Kuna Indians, enjoy food and purchase brightly colored Kuna Indian molas , local handicrafts. The countless beaches offer miles of uninterrupted solitude or miles of surfing and beach shopping, whichever you prefer. San Blas is also an ideal place for kayaking, as the seas are calm and pristine. In these villages you can find a variety of food, including local fruits and vegetables, in addition to international cuisine and fruity drinks.

Snorkeling and Diving

The glittering blue Caribbean sea and the array of fish life found on the coral reefs offer ideal surroundings for family diving in San Blas Islands. Many of these small islands host a dive site, featuring rentals and lessons. Make sure to shop around at the various dive centers to get your best price, especially if you have a group of 3 or 4 interested in snorkeling. You can often find a great weekend package deal, all-expenses included. The San Blas Islands cater to beginning and experienced snorkelers. You can also take a PADI class here and become certified!

Hike in the Rainforests

Take your family to explore the amazing, colorful rainforest and admire the many breathtaking waterfalls. Your children will discover new wildlife they’ve never seen before – something new to share back at school. For the rainforest tours, your best bet is to hire a local guide and barter on a price before setting out. Don’t forget the raincoats and boots – the island is known to get sudden torrents of rain. After your hike, check out one of the local cafes for a snack or gelato ice cream.

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