Day Trips in San blas islands

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These beautiful and unspoiled islands are home to the Kuna Indians. There are now many eco-tourism hotels on these islands, though accommodations are still basic.

Day Trips

You can make day trips to the other islands in this group and indulge in snorkeling. Diving is not allowed from these islands. Take your own snorkeling gear as all the hotels do not stock their own gear.

Tour the Rainforest

You can take a tour of the natural rainforest of this area. Remember to take along your boots and a raincoat as you are likely to be caught in a sudden torrent of rain. You will see breathtaking waterfalls and the native flora and fauna. Hire a local guide to take you to the best places.


If you enjoy surfing then visit Playa Santa Palina where the waves reach over 20 feet. This place is definitely a surfer’s paradise and is one of the most beautiful and spectacular places on the earth to catch a wave.

Kuna Indian Village Tour

Take a tour of a Kuna Indian village. You will enjoy the experience and will have plenty of photographic opportunities. The villagers are friendly and their attire is colorful and cheerful. Take along enough money to buy their colorful artifacts.

Sailing and Kayaking

If you love to sail or stay above the water, then take a sailing trip to one of the more remote islands. The beaches are great for swimming and lazing around and you will have a day of sun, warmth, and sand. Stay back and watch the sunset as it is spectacular.


There are many beaches to choose from. As such you will never be in a crowd of tourists on the beaches of San Blas. Isla Pelicanos’ beaches have soft, white sand and clear, shallow water over a coral reef. This is perfect for snorkeling. You can also see many tropical, brightly colored fish. The waves are calm and gentle most of the year. For scuba diving, the island of Achutupu has the best beaches. There is also an interesting shipwreck of a Colombian cargo boat that makes a very interesting dive spot. The water is a transparent turquoise color and very clear. Other islands with great beaches include Kagantupu, Wichubwala, and Coco Blanco. The locals normally charge $1 for the use of their beaches but it is money well spent.

There are numerous islands to which you can make day trips from the San Blas Islands.
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