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The San Blas Islands, otherwise known as the Comarco de Kuna Yala, are home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in Panama. Being an archipelago, San Blas is made up of a long string of islets along the coast, which are either made from coral or surrounded by spectacular coral reefs. The proud indigenous group, the Kuna, call San Blas home and live on 49 of the islets in small, friendly, traditional communities. There are more islands and islets in this archipelago than there are days in the year, and all of them are rimmed with unbelievably pristine, white sand beaches. The beaches are the major reason why tourists are so attracted to the area, and they provide almost all of the activities you need to fill your San Blas vacation time. From snorkeling, to scuba diving, to sunbathing, to swimming, to watching a romantic sunset, it's impossible to get bored of everything the beaches have to offer. 

Beach Entrance Fees

Almost all of the beaches are public, even those infront of hotels and lodges; usually, there is a person from the Kuna culture at the more popular beaches who will ask you to pay a $1 USD fee to use the beach, as it is their homeland. This is extremely cheap considering the hours of privacy, relaxation, and fun that the San Blas beaches provide you with. 

When To Go

The best times to visit the islands if you plan on spending all of your time at the beach are from April to June and November to December; these times are great for snorkeling and scuba diving, as the water is warm, clear, and calm. If you're a sunbather and don't want any risk of being rained on, go from January to April. This is the dry season, so it's perfect to soak up some sun.

Best Beaches 

There are so many beaches to choose from, that you'll never be in a crowd of tourists on the beaches of San Blas. Isla Pelicanos has beaches with soft, white sand, and clear, shallow water over a coral reef perfect for snorkeling. You can see so many tropical, brightly colored fish, and the waves are calm and gentle most of the year. The island of Achutupu has the best beaches for scuba diving. Right off of the coast there is a shipwreck of a Colombian cargo boat that is a very interesting dive spot. The water is a transparent turquoise color and very clear. Kagantupu, Wichubwala, and Coco Blanco also have incredible, secluded beaches lined with palm trees and fine white sand. 

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