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accommodation in San blas islands

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Dad Ibe Island Lodge

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Dad Ibe Island lodge is located in their own private island. There are 3 Bungalows with private bathrooms, balconies, with a nice view of the oceans, islands and mountains. On the front of the lodge you are going to see 2 uninhabited island. The package include. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, tours to Ailigandi and Achutupu Community, river, mainland or forest, kuna cemetery, beach area. You are going to able to lear more about the Kuna People. The lodge it is located in a very peaceful location around the nature.

type:Middle Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
accessibility:3km to the Hospital, 5KM to the airport, Digicel Cellphone
tel:(507) 6112.5448
address:Ailigandi, San Blas

Anbabnega Lodge

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Anbabnega Lodge is located on the island of Carti Tupile in the Kuna Yala(San Blas) region of Panama. Three meals a day are included for guests in addition to daily trips to other beautiful islands. This islands have beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Carribean. You will also experience and learn about the Kuna culture. 

type:Bed and Breakfast
World66 rating:[rate it]
tel:(507) 6780 7002
address:Kuna Yala , Panama