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Playon Chico Airstrip

Playon Chico Airstrip

M. van Geelen

The San Blas islands are a bit of unspoiled paradise. The Kuna indians live on these hundreds of tiny islands just off the coast of Panama. They dress just as you would expect with the women wearing the family capital in the form of gold around their neck, in their ears or in their nose.

Snorkling is absolutely fantastic with many corals and lots of fish. Bring your own gear, because not all accomodations have these available for their own guests. Diving is not allowed in San Blas.

Next, it is possible to visit the villages of the Kuna Indians, or to explore the jungle on the mainland. Ususally your accomodation can and will provide you with guides for activities like this.

The problem with the islands is, that it takes a little effort getting to them. There are a number of options, such as taking the boat from Colon. But by far the most easiest an comfortable way is by booking a national flight from Panama City. See the Getting There section for more info.

Although more and more eco resorts are being developed, accomodation is still pretty basic. It usually consist of a small number of cabins and a restaurant. Don't expect things as CableTV here. Usually the hotel also will provide you with meals.

It is possible to stay with Kuna families at home for a small amount. But you'll have to know someone and to try to arrange that. With more hotels available it is not the usual way of tourist accomodation  

When you take pictures of the women on the islands they expect a tip. One dollar is a normal fee.


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