Top 5 Must Do's in Panama City

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Panama City is a vibrant city rich in history and beauty. There is so much to do in Panama that it can be difficult to deide how to spend the time.  Here are the top 5 Panama City must do's that will ensure you have a great time in Panama.

1. Panama Canal

You simply cannot go to Panama without seeing the Panama Canal, an extraordinary piece of history that is a must-do while in Panama City. You can visit the Panama Canal by going to the Miraflores Visitors Center located twenty minutes from downtown Panama City. You will get a full interactive tour of the history behind the canal. You can also visit the Panama Canal by taking a mini-cruise.

2. Metropolitan Park Ecological Tours

This is a rain forest located just 15 minutes from Panama City. It is also the only rain forest in the world located within city limits of a major city. Make sure to get the guided tour for the full rain forest experience. Your guide can provide a vast amount of knowledge. Visit the summit of the park to enjoy beautiful views of the city and rain forest.

3. Casinos

Do you have lady luck on your side? Try your hand at the casinos in Panama City. You will find casinos located at The Marriot, the Wyndam Grand Hotel , the Sheraton and the El Panama Hotel . These casinos are state of the art and have much to offer in the way of fun.

4. Dine Out

The dining experience in Panama City is first-class. The best part is five-star dining here will not break the bankl; you can easily find gourmet food at reasonable prices. Most of the restaurants are located in the business district or in historic Casco Viejo. If you are up for authentic Panamanian food, then check out Tinajas, which has folkloric dance shows in the evenings.

5. Amador Causeway

The Amador Causeway, which consist of four small connecting islands, offers amazing views of the Panama City skyline and the Panama Canal. You will find fine dining, shopping, entertainment and bicycle paths here. Make sure to stop by the Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research, where you will learn a wealth of information about the tropics. Panama City is full of nightlife, activities, educational information, and history. You will not disappointed with your vacation time in Panama City if you hit all five of these must-dos. 


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