Things to do in Panama City

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For anyone traveling to Panama, there is an abundance of things to see and do. You can visit one of the many tourist sites, go browsing in a variety of different shops and stores, or spend a day at the beach for some fun in the sun. One of the best cities to visit in Panama is the one of the same name, Panama City, and listed below are some Panama City Things to Do while you vacation there.

Historical Tours

While in Panama City, go on a historical tour of the districts known as Panama Viejo and Casco Viejo. Featured in these districts are historical buildings built by the Spanish when they initially relocated here, and they're built in original Spanish colonial architecture. There are also ruins to see from former battles fought between the Spanish and English; some led by English buccaneer Henry Morgan in the late 1600's.

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal stretches from Colon City on the Atlantic Coast to Panama City on the Pacific Coast. You can watch ships travel through the Miraflores Locks as well as visit the historical museum here. There are day cruises that travel through the locks as well if you'd rather see this famed engineering sight from the water instead of land.

Shopper's Delight

Many locals and tourists love to shop in Panama City. There are a number of posh malls and shops to visit and you'll recognize many of the brand names as favorites from North American malls. But the difference is you'll find the prices of items in Panama City are much lower than in North America and many Latin American cities too. A couple of the more popular shopping destinations are Punta Pacifica, Alb rook and El Dorado Malls. Another great shopping location is Agenda Central which offers more local flavor and Latin styles.

Enjoy the Outdoors

In Panama City the weather is quite warm and you'll be able to experience so many activities outside. If you like hiking, there are several good sized national parks to explore offering trails of different levels for the beginning hiker to the experienced hiker. Many of the coastal waters around Panama City are excellent for surfing, so grab your surf board, or perhaps a body board or para-sail, and enjoy the winds and waves. If you are more of a sea and water explorer, rent snorkeling or scuba gear for approximately five dollars a day and swim around the reefs and shores to view the beautiful marine and mammal life.

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